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Toxicodendron radicans, commonly known as eastern poison ivy or poison ivy, is an allergenic Asian and Eastern North American flowering plant in the genus Toxicodendron. The species is well-known for causing urushiol-induced contact dermatitis , an itchy, irritating, and sometimes painful rash, in most people who touch it Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, PhD (/ ˈ aɪ z l i /) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in Batman stories. Poison Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and made her debut in Batman #181 (June 1966). Poison Ivy has been shown to be an occasional romantic interest of Batman Poison Ivy is a supervillain and eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants, usually an antagonist to Batman. Originally, she was botanist Pamela Isley working underneath professor Jason Woodrue until an accident gave her powers and turned her insane. Protecting the sanctity and supremacy of nature at all costs, she sadistically lashes out against humanity as a blight upon the planet Harley's best friend and fellow Arkham Asylum escapee is Dr. Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy), the overall deuteragonist of Harley Quinn. She normally prefers plants to people, but she has a soft spot for Harley and tries to reign in some of her more manic excesses. 1 Appearance 2 Biography 2.1..

Poison Ivy is a villain in the TV series The Batman Pamela Isley is a charming, clever and quick-tempered schemer, known to go to extreme measures to get her environmental messages heard. After a tragic accident transforms her into the evil half-human/half-plant that she names Poison Ivy, she is.. Poison Ivy, il cui vero nome è Pamela Lillian Isley, è un personaggio immaginario dei fumetti creato da Robert Kanigher e Sheldon Moldoff nel 1966, apparso per la prima volta in Batman n. 181, pubblicato dalla DC Comics. È un supercattivo/antieroe femminile del mondo di Batman, che ricalca lo stereotipo della femme fatale. Poison Ivy risulta 64ª nella classifica dei 100 più grandi cattivi e antieroi della storia dei fumetti secondo IGN e 21ª nella classifica di Comics Buyer's Guide. Poison ivy berries are acquired through the Farming skill by picking from a player-grown poison ivy bush. The item is an ingredient in weapon poison (++), and can be used with a Compost Bin to make supercompost. Farmers require a payment of eight poison ivy berries to watch over your growing Calquat tree. Poison Ivy Bushes do not require any payment for protection because they do not get diseased

Poison Ivy: As do the plants he tramples underfoot. The spores he breathes in and destroys have children. Why does he deserve anything more than them? You people ignore what is happening in front of your eyes. Warden Quincy Sharp: I refuse to put the welfare of plants before the welfare of people. Poison Ivy: And that is why you will lose. There's more happening than you know, Warden ↑ Poison ivy dermatitis. Baer RL Cutis. 1990;46(1):34 ↑ Davila A, Lucas J, Jacoby J, et al. A new topical agent, Zanfel, ameliorates urushiol-induced Toxicodendron allergic contact dermatitis. Ann Emerg Med. 2003;42:S9 Gifsumak (Engels: Poison Ivy), een bepaald type giftige struik Poison Ivy (Batman) , een vrouwelijke schurk uit de films, strips en televisieseries over Batman Poison Ivy (film) , een Amerikaanse film uit 199

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  1. Pamela Lillian Isley (also known as Poison Ivy ) is a recurring character in DC Super Hero Girls television series, who along seventh main antagonist in#FromBatToWorse. She is Batgirl's enemy. As Pamela Isley, she finds Jessica annoying since their first interaction as Jessica tried to befriend..
  2. Poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) can be identified as follows: Poison ivy has leaves that grow in groups of three. Poison ivy leaves are pointed at the tip. Poison ivy is usually green in the spring and reddish-orange in the fall. Poison ivy grows as both a vine and as a shrub
  3. In the original series, Poison Ivy's abilities are somewhat more mundane than they are in the comics. In the comics, she is a metahuman villainess who is herself part-plant, able to communicate telepathically with plant life, and capable of synthesizing chemicals from her body at will, either as deadly poisons or antidotes to same
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  5. g. They are planted in bush patches . These grow in two hours and forty

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Poison Ivy is an enemy of Batman. She is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. She uses toxins from plants and her own bloodstream for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment. Fellow villain Harley Quinn is her recurring partner-in-crime and possibly her only human. Poison ivy seeds are seeds that can be grown with level 70 Farming. They are planted in bush patches. These grow in two hours and forty minutes, granting the player 675 experience points from checking the health, and 45 experience points per berry picked. There is no need to pay a farmer to watch your poison ivy bush grow because it is pretty hardy stuff, and most animals will avoid eating it Poison Ivy (dt.Giftefeu, mit der Konnotation Gift-Ivy, wenn Ivy als Frauenname verstanden wird) ist der Titel verschiedener Veröffentlichungen des US-amerikanischen Verlags DC Comics und zugleich der Name der Protagonistin dieser Veröffentlichungen.. Zu den Veröffentlichungen der Poison-Ivy-Reihe zählen unter anderem die Graphikromane Poison Ivy (1997; verfasst von John Francis.

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  1. Poison Ivy - Die tödliche Umarmung, Thriller von 1992 mit Fortsetzungen: Poison Ivy II - Jung und verführerisch von 1995; Poison Ivy III - Sex, Lügen, Rache von 1997; Poison Ivy IV: The Secret Society von 200
  2. Poison Ivy, real name Dr. Pamela Isley, is an eco-terrorist. She is a villain of Batman and briefly served as a member of the Birds of Prey. Pamela Isley was born with a skin condition - an aversion to sunlight. Though the doctor had prescribed her a lotion to protect her, little Pamela's abusive father had forbidden her from going outside at all. On one occasion, when her mother allowed her.
  3. Poison Ivy's picture from the character bios in Arkham Asylum. Poison Ivy during the New 52. Poison Ivy's Lego. Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series. Poison Ivy in The New Batman Adventures. Poison Ivy in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Poison Ivy in Batman: Assault on Arkham
  4. Poison Ivy, tên thật là Pamela Isley, là một nhân vật phản diện hư cấu trong loạt truyện tranh ấn bản bởi DC Comics.Nhân vật này được tạo ra bởi Robert Kanigher và Sheldon Moldoff, xuất hiện lần đầu trong Batman #181 vào tháng 6 năm 1966. Poison Ivy cũng là tên gọi của một loài thực vật có độc
  5. Poison Ivy is the 3rd episode of the first season and the 3rd episode overall. As the Constance Billard/St. Jude's students prepare for a much-anticipated visit from Ivy League representatives, Blair uncovers a scandalous secret about Serena that may not remain a secret much longer. Dan has his heart set on the coveted usher position for the Dartmouth University rep, only to be beat out by.

Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillain who is primarily an enemy of Batman.Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, she first appeared in Batman #181 in (June 1966).. In the series Gotham Girls, Poison Ivy deems herself as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany and environmentalism Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest of Batman. She has teamed up on occasion with fellow villains Catwoman and Harley Quinn, with Harley being her close friend, recurring ally and sometimes romantic interest. She is a Gotham City misanthropic botanist and biochemist who is obsessed with plants, ecological extinction, and environmentalism. The character's appearance is considered. Poison Ivy is the ninth short story in More Tales to Give You Goosebumps. Matt is sent to a sleepaway camp called Camp Wilbur, even though he doesn't want to go. Matt is assigned to a cabin with four bunkmates. Vinny, Mike, and Brad. Vinny and Mike are fine, but Brad is hard to deal with. Brad brings three trunks with him and wears pungent aftershave. Shortly after meeting his bunkmates. Poison Ivy, or Pamela Isley, is one of Batman's enemies and a dangerous eco-terrorist. She was originally released in 7785 Arkham Asylum in 2006's Batman theme. In 2012, she reappears in the Super Heroes theme and appeared again in 10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout in 2013. Like most of the villains from the original Batman theme, Poison Ivy is based on her appearance in Batman: The.

Poison Ivy er en fiktiv karakter, der optræder i tegneserier udgivet af DC Comics, hovedsageligt i forbindelse med superhelten Batman.Karakteren blev skabt af Robert Kanigher og Sheldon Moldoff og optrådte første gang i Batman #181 (juni 1966). Hendes virkelige navn er Pamela Lillian Isley ([ˈaɪzli]?. Poison Ivy er blevet portrætteret som en af Batmans kærlighedsinteresser, og hun er. Harley & Ivy. From a mere chance meeting during a heist at the Gotham Museum, sparked one of Poison Ivy's most distinctive interactions. Harley Quinn, freshly cast out of the Joker's gang, helped Ivy escape the Gotham Police.Though the characters of the two appeared utterly contradictory, their (somewhat) mutual objectives drew them together into a daunting duo Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley was a very promising botanist before an undisclosed accident turned her into the villainess Poison Ivy. Ridden by madness, she believed herself to be the mother of all plant life, until recently, when she had a very suspicious change of heart. Her best friend, Harley Quinn talked her into joining the Thunderbolts to keep her from going back to Arkham. Background Poison. Poison Ivy is a premium uncommon plant card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and a member of the Kabloom class. It costs 3 to play and has 1/3. It has the Anti-Hero 4 trait and does not have any abilities. Its closest zombie counterpart is Stealthy Imp. It is based on the plant in real life with the same name (Toxicodendron radicans ). Its description and idle animation are a reference to how in.

Poison Ivy is a dangerous vine-like plant that hangs off of the canopies of Weedwood and Nibbletwig Trees, as well as on Giant Weedwood Tree stumps. 1 Placement 2 Growth 3 Coloration 4 Poisoning 5 Collection 6 Compostability 7 Events 8 Grinding Uses 9 Advancements 10 History Poison Ivy can only be placed on the side of most blocks. Breaking a higher part of the Poison Ivy vine will break all. Poison Ivy is a DC Series Outfit which will appear in The Last Laugh Bundle along with Midas Rex& The Joker. Poison Ivy is a DC Series Outfit which will appear in The Last Laugh Bundle along with Midas Rex& The Joker. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki. Poison Ivy is een liedje, geschreven door het schrijvers- en producentenduo Jerry Leiber en Mike Stoller.Het is voor het eerst opgenomen door The Coasters in 1959. Het haalde de eerste plaats in de R&B Chart en de zevende in de Billboard Hot 100.Het was de derde en laatste toptienhit van The Coasters in dat jaar, na Charlie Brown en Along Came Jones.. Het liedje gaat over een meisje met de.

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Poison Ivy. Edit. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) Poison Ivy (New 52) Poison Ivy (Arkham Asylum) Poison Ivy (DC Bombshells) Poison Ivy (Last Knight on Earth) Poison Ivy (Dceased) Add a photo to this gallery. Alternates. Other media Poison ivy seeds are seeds that can be grown with level 70Farming. They are planted inbush patches. These grow in two hours and forty minutes, yielding 674 experience from checking the health, and 45 experience per berry picked. There is no need to pay a farmer to watch your poison ivy bush grow or to apply compost to the patch because it will never become diseased. A poison ivy bush yields a. Poison Ivy's Apartment was a safe house owned by Poison Ivy. It was where she, and later, Harley Quinn, planned out most of they're crimes until the owner of the building, Sy Borgman evicted them. The apartment survived the 8.6 earthquake created by Joker in The Final Joke.. History. After escaped from Arkham Asylum, Ivy took Harley to her apartment and made her settle Poison Ivy found them and attacked, but Robin's agility and Miss Martian's telekinesis proved superior to her powers. Poison Ivy turned to attacking Aqualad and Artemis, but failed to beat them too. After Robin and Miss Martian destroyed the main plant, Ivy was enraged, and intent on killing the entire team Poison Ivy is an enemy of Batman. She is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. She uses toxins from plants and her own bloodstream for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment. She creates love potions that ensnare Batman, Superman, and other strong-willed.

Poison Ivy is a supervillainess from DC Comics. Botanist Pamela Lillian Isley was born from a wealthy family with a rare skin condition that prevented her from leaving her home with only her garden her haven when her mother was murdered by her father. Eventually graduating college, using her skills to use pheromone pills to graduate with honors, Isley becomes an apprentice to Dr. Jason Woodrue. Poison Ivy and the others then join forces with Batman and his team to take the Joker down, saying that he may be done with them, but they are not done with him. She helps them break into where he is located and then helps them to build a bridge once he blows up the city. Ivy and the others succeed in helping Batman save the day and she kisses.

poison ivy (countable and uncountable, plural poison ivies) Any of three ivy-like species of Toxicodendron, known for their ability to cause an itching rash and blistering for most people, through urushiol, an oil that is a skin irritant. Usage notes . The name is often spelled poison-ivy to indicate that it is not a true ivy or Hedera. Hyponym Poison Ivy is a plant controlling super-villainess who frequently battles with the Dark Knight, Batman. She is also a longtime friend of Harley Quinn. Despite her plant-based powers, she is a Gadget User. Poison Ivy appears as a playable character in Injustice 2. Dr. Pamela Isley was once an innovative but radical botanical biochemist with a singular goal: make the world safe for plant life to. Poison (ポイズン Poizun) is a video game character who debuted as a common enemy in the beat-em-up game Final Fight. She would later join the Street Fighter series in a non-playable capacity starting with Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, eventually becoming playable in the cross-over game Street Fighter X Tekken and later joining the cast of Ultra Street Fighter IV. She also becomes. Poison ivy is a straggling or climbing woody vine that's well known for its ability to cause an itchy rash. Poison ivy can be found in every province except Newfoundland. It grows on sandy, stony, or rocky shores, and sprouts in thickets, in clearings, and along the borders of woods and roadsides

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Poison Ivy first appeared in Batman, Vol. 1 #181 (June, 1966). (June 1966). External Links. Poison Ivy at the DC Database; Poison Ivy at Wikipedia; References ↑ 'Lillian Rose' was Poison Ivy's name as conceived by Gerry Conway in the pages of World's Finest, Vol. 1 #252 (September 1978). It's not certain why or if he had simply forgotten that. Poison Ivy is the first segment of the forty-fourth episode of 101 Dalmatians: The Series. Plot Ivy, Cruella's niece, helps her aunt in a scheme to buy the farm from the Dearlys by committing crimes and framing the puppies for it using her innocent-looking buggy pram. Trivia The episode title is a pun on the poison ivy plant. 101 Dalmatians: The Series Season 2, Episode 44A Air date November. Poison Ivy may be referring to two or more different heroes. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, take a wild guess. If you came here from a link, please go back and correct the link for one of the heroes listed below Η Poison Ivy είναι ένας φανταστικός χαρακτήρας σε ρόλο του υπερκακού, που εμφανίζεται σε κόμικς τα οποία δημοσιεύθηκαν από την DC Comics, σε ιστορίες του Batman.H Poison Ivy δημιουργήθηκε από τους Robert Kanigher και Sheldon Moldoff και έκανε τη.

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Poison Ivy is a recurring antagonist in The Batman. She appears as the main antagonist of Batgirl Begins and an episodic antagonist for the rest of her appearances. Pamela Isley was a young extremist environmentalist. Originally still in High School, she was friends with Barbara Gordon. She convinced he to join her plans to fight against industries that were harming plants in Gotham City, by. Dr. Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy is a criminal and a patient at Arkham Asylum.. Season Eleven. In Gotham City, the yellow rings of Parallax head to Arkham Asylum. There, Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham, including Poison Ivy, who have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns.Luckily, Superman arrives just in time to offer. Poison Ivy was a#7 hit for the Coasters in 1959, and has been covered by groups as diverse as Hanson and The Electric Mayhem (in The Muppet Show episode 513) Poison Ivy - traccia dell'EP YIN di Highsnob del 2019 Poison Ivy - canzone composta da Jerry Leiber e Mike Stoller , incisa per la prima volta dai The Coasters nel 1959; cover sono state realizzate, tra gli altri, dai The Rolling Stones (come singolo nel 1963), Manfred Mann (lato B del 1966), The Lambrettas (singolo del 1980 «Poison Ivy» er ein popsong av den amerikanske låtskrivarduoen Jerry Leiber og Mike Stoller. Han vart først spelt inn av The Coasters i 1959. Songen nådde toppen av R&B-lista og sjuandeplassen på Billboard Hot 100-lista, og 15. plassen i Storbritannia. Dette var den tredje topp 10-hitten deira det året etter «Charlie Brown» og «Along Came Jones»

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Poison Ivy is Gotham City's resident eco-terrorist. A unique human/plant hybrid, she cares only for her beloved plants and their ultimate dominion over the planet. Once-human, Ivy's body has been chemically altered during a wayward experiment and can create any number of pheromones and toxins to entice or destroy. Her unique bond with plants means she can swiftly generate new breeds or plant. Poison ivy seeds are seeds that can be grown with level 70 Farming. They are planted in bush patches. These grow in two hours and forty minutes, granting the player 675 experience points from checking the health, and 45 experience points per berry picked. There is no need to pay a farmer to watch your poison ivy bush grow because it is pretty hardy stuff, and most animals will avoid eating it. In 1997 superhero film Batman& Robin, Uma Thurman plays Dr. Pamela Isley, a skilled botanist who becomes a crazed eco-terrorist who is half woman and half plant with alias of Poison Ivy after Jason Woodrue attempts to kill her by pushing her into vials of chemicals, poisons and toxins, which replace her blood with aloe, her skin with chlorophyll and filled her lips with venom, making her kiss.

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Poison Ivy (real name: Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley) is a major recurring antagonist in the DC Animated Universe. She is a botanist who led a secret life as a eco-terrorist. She is Harley Quinn's best friend and roommate. Poison Ivy is a major antagonist in Batman: The Animated Series and its sequel The New Batman Adventures and one of the two main protagonists of the Gotham Girls spinoff series Batgirl shows up to help free Gordon but finds herself overpowered by the Batman and Poison Ivy; despite this, Batgirl's able to snap Batman out of the mind control and together they defeat Poison Ivy. A period of time later, the mayor planned to tear down Gotham Park, and its plants in order to build a new hospital. His decision was despised.

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Pamela Isley was formerly a botanist trying to help the plants of the world protect themselves. After a failure murder attempt by her former boss, she became Poison Ivy, a prominent enemy of Batman and Robin. Her most deadly weapon was her venom-filled lips, which she used to kill with a poison kiss. Dr. Pamela Isley was originally a botinist with an intense love for nature and the plants of. Poison Ivy (program) - ett datorprogram av typen Remote Administration Tool; Det här är en förgreningssida, som består av en lista på olika betydelser hos artikelnamnet. Om du kom hit via en wikilänk i en annan artikel, gå gärna tillbaka dit och korrigera länken så att den pekar direkt på den sida som länken avser Pamela Isley a.k.a Poison Ivy is one of the secondary antagonists in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the secondary antagonist of Batman: Arkham City's Catwoman Episodes, and a minor antagonist-turned-supporting anti-heroine in Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as the deuteragonist of it's prequel DLC episode Harley Quinn.She is also a minor antagonist in the 2014 animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham Poison Ivy is a bisexual character from Harley Quinn. In the season two finale Kiteman realizes that Ivy is not truly in love with him, and that she is in love with Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn). Kiteman knew Ivy's heart wasn't in it and that he and Ivy were not a match, I am not the person for you. As Ivy and Harley speed away from Gotham City P.D. it is then Ivy realizes she was never in.

Ivy Pamela Pepper, alias Poison Ivy, est une criminelle, obsédé par les plantes, redoutée à Gotham City. Elle la fille de Mario Pepper et Alice Pepper. Suite à la mort de son père et au suicide de sa mère, elle se retrouve orpheline et finit vagabonde. Lors de sa rencontre avec les méta-humains du docteur Hugo Strange, directeur de l'asile d'Arkham et du projet Indian Hill qui est de. Zehirli Sarmaşık 1992 Amerikalı gerilim dram filmi yönettiği Katt Shea.Bu yıldız Drew Barrymore, Sara Gilbert, Tom Skerritt ve Cheryl Ladd.Özgün müzik puanı David Michael Frank tarafından oluşmaktadır. Film vuruldu Los Angeles.. O En İyi Film 1992 Büyük Jüri ödülü için aday gösterildi Sundance Festivali'nde.Sara Gilbert En 1993 de Kadın Destekleme aday Bağımsız Ruh. Poison Ivies are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found on the Fallen Arm. According to their description, they are deep purple ivy that look like they might be insanely poisonous. Giving this collectable as a present from one player character to another will raise or lower the affinity between them as indicated by the following table Poison Ivy is one of the most feared plants in the flora world, and that holds true for this sporty racer. Armed with the eye-catching appeal of the poisonous plant and her iconic stems wrapping from the vehicle's hood to the rear, people know when trouble is tearing up the streets. Her fiery windswept hair flows along the roof as she drives towards her next destination to plant the seeds of.

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Poison Ivy is a character in DC Universe's Harley Quinn. She is a plant-themed supervillain, and a close friend of Harley Quinn, who is currently living with her. She is described by Harley as a classic misanthrope with abandonment issues who befriends plants to avoid human intimacy. At some point, Pamela Isley went to Sarah Lawrence, where she became involved with a guy named Dan during her. Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley) is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillainess who is primarily an enemy of Batman.Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, she first appeared in Batman #181 (June 1966).. Poison Ivy is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists.She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism Poison Ivy is a supervillain from Gotham City, who can control flora. She usually partners up with Harley Quinn. Ivy is a young adult female, with green eyes and shoulder-length red hair. Her most worn outfit consists of a green skin-tight suit, with elbow-length green gloves. When at Arkham Asylum, she has worn two types of uniforms: the first, a black and white-striped uniform, while at the.

Poison Ivy is a villain in the DC Comics universe. A brilliant botanical biochemist, Pamela Isley is a fervent eco-terrorist out to save the world's plant life by any means necessary. She often finds herself at odds with Batman, though they have, on occasion, fought on the same side. She has had a long friendship with Harley Quinn and is responsible for Harley's meta-human abilities. Ivy. The Hidden Poison Ivy spawn can be accessed in two ways: The first one is through the Poison Ivy Teleporter on the top floor in VIP. The second one is through the secret entrance, far west of Carlin, here: 300px 200px Note:It requires level 300+ to pass the door to the bosses. It contains alot.. Pamela Poison Ivy Isley was a super-human foe of the Batman. Pamela Isley did not have a very good childhood, with a rare skin condition forcing her to spend most of her time inside and a father that beat her mother. Eventually, her father killed her mother and she was taken into foster care. Later, when Pamela was accepted into an Ivy League university, she began to experiment with plant. Poison Ivy is a villain from DC Comics. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far: Tira vs. Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy vs Flowe Poison Ivy (also known as Pamela Lillian Isley) is an enemy of Batman. Standing at a height of 5'2 and weighing 100 pounds, Dr. Pamela Isley was a gifted botanist from Seattle, Washington. She fell for Dr. Jason Woodrue and was used for his greatest experiment. Toxins were injected into her bloodstream and made Isley's mere touch toxic. She also was given the ability to generate pheromones to.

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Poison Ivy is another one of Batman's greatest enemies in Gotham City. She has the ability of create deadly poisons and create new plant life to aid her schemes. She also has the ability to secrete pheromones to make people do what she says. She can also kill people by transmitting poison to them with a kiss on the lips. Her goal is to seek vengeance on those who destroy every plant life in. Poison Ivy (real name: Pamela Isley) is Batman's enemy in The LEGO Batman Movie. She is voiced by Riki Lindhome, who also voices the Wicked Witch of the West. Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley used to be a botanist, but her obsession with plants led her to become the super-villain Poison Ivy, using her powers over all things green and growing to try to overrun Gotham City with plants, free of humans. Poison Ivy; Name. Poison Ivy Element. BasePower. 650 Training Time. 12 hours Dragons Edit. Dragons that use this attack: <autocategory not implemented yet> Trivia Edit. Poison Ivy is an attack where the user/dragon summons vines, which release toxic fumes that cause damage to the opponent's dragon Poison Ivy is a plant that can be harvested with Shears. If the player touches it, they will gain the Poison effect for a few seconds, for a loss of 2 hearts total. They can be found in most forest biomes. Turned off in the customization settings by default in the latest versions Poison Ivy is a super-villain and eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants, usually an antagonist to Batman.Originally she was botanist Pamela Isley working underneath professor Jason Woodrue until an accident gave her powers and turned her insane. Protecting the sanctity and supremacy of nature at all costs, she sadistically lashes out against humanity as a blight upon the planet

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Poison Ivy first appearance was in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Tara Strong in the English version of the cartoon. In Welcome to Super Hero High, Poison Ivy appears behind Amanda Waller during her welcome speech and opens the front doors to the school with vines. In All About Super Hero High, she stands in the courtyard watching as Wonder Woman flies in. Poison Ivy è stato creato da Robert Kanigher e Sheldon Moldoff, e il primo carattere è apparso in Batman # 181 (giugno 1966). Robert Kanigher originariamente modellata Poison Ivy dopo Bettie Page, dandole lo stesso taglio di capelli e guardare.. Il personaggio è stato in parte ispirato al racconto di Rappaccini Daughter ', scritto da Nathaniel Hawthorne, circa una fanciulla che tende un. Poison Ivy fue creado por Robert Kanigher y Sheldon Moldoff, y el personaje apareció por primera vez en Batman # 181 (junio de 1966). Robert Kanigher originalmente la modeló según Bettie Page, dándole el mismo corte de pelo y apariencia.. El personaje se inspiró en parte en el cuento La hija de Rappaccini de Nathaniel Hawthorne, sobre una doncella que cuida un jardín de plantas.

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Poison Ivy(ツタウルシ) Real Name Pamela Lillian Isley (パメラ·リリアン·アイズレー) What groups/people are they affilated with? Herself, The Enviroment, Scarecrow What are their abilities? All natural poison gases, immunity to poisons and chemicals. Which user created them? mailjesuru She is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with. Poison Ivy is the third episode of Ben 10: The Omniwars. Gwen Tennyson is seen at her dorm at Friedkin University, the college that she has been attending for 3 years now. She is silently working on her projects, getting ready for class. Without warning, Kevin barges into her room, saying that Adwaita, one of Charmcaster's old enemies, is coming for her Poison Ivy je fiktivní postava z komiksů amerického vydavatelství DC Comics, obvykle z komiksů o Batmanovi. Byla vytvořena scenáristou Robertem Kanigherem a kreslířem Sheldonem Moldoffem roku 1966. Její pravé jméno je Pamela Lillian Isley. Byla to atraktivní a nadaná botanička. Jednoho dne ji svedl kriminálník Marc LeGrande Poison Ivy appeared in a flash inside Demon World, and began attacking numerous surrounding demons inside Demon World ruthlessly. All but one of the demons were slaughtered, and Poison Ivy tried her luck against the remaining one. But, the demon was the S-Class Yoko, Kurama. Kurama backflipped a few meters distance from Ivy, before he glared at. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Poison Ivy , ou Poison Ivy Rorschach , de son vrai nom Kristy Marlana Wallace, est une guitariste américaine , cofondatrice avec son mari Lux Interior du groupe The Cramps . Elle fait figure de leader du groupe. Sommaire 1 Biographie 2 Influences 3 Guitares 4 Références 5 Bibliographie 6 Liens externes Biographie [modifier | modifier le code.

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